Ariel was a female Human-Jaridian hybrid child of Lili Marquette and Vorjak. She was born on Earth when Vorjak took his Human mate to that world in order to treat her pregnany. Her conception came about with the unwilling assistance of Da'an where Taelon Core energy was siphoned in order to bring about the child's birth. It was believed that the creation of a hybrid would bring about the salvation of the Jaridian race. After birth, Ariel along with her parents left Earth in order to return to Jaridia. (Episode: The Forge of Creation)

In the final days of the Jaridian Empire, it was expected that all races that were touched by the Taelons were to be destroyed. Whilst Ariel and Lili were not above the law, the coming extinction of the Jaridians meant that both would live alone which was stated by Vorjak to be punishment enough. (Episode: Dark Horizon)