Bliss was a drug that developed after the Taelons arrival on Earth.

It was formed from samples of compounds left in Ma'el's old laboratory at Strandhill and made use of Companion medical technology that was designed to administer medicines when a Taelon was ill. However, the delivery mechanism was altered in order to deliver a powerful psychotropic drug by touching the spherical object. Simple contact had an immediate impact on its user who suffered from ecstasy and disorientation as their senses were overloaded.

The drugs origin laid in the distant past on Earth during the time Ma'el lived on the world. During that time, he discovered that Humans had uncovered a highly addictive plant that left them in a frenzy. It took Ma'el a hundred years to create a counter agent to its effects after which the Taelon scientist destroyed most of the plants except for a single sample. This intervention was because Ma'el believed that, if left unchecked, the drug was capable of destroying the entire Human race due to its properties. (Episode: Bliss)

According to Liam Kincaid, the drug Bliss may have been the Lotus plant in the Greek story of Homer where his crew had fallen prey to the addictive effects of the mythological plant.