This is the first episode of the science fiction television series Earth: Final Conflict.

Summary Edit

Police Captain William Boone is caught between two worlds when he is recruited by the Taelons, to become Commander of Security and Interspecies Relations -- then secretly drafted to join the human resistance movement. The American Companion Da'an is due to arrive in a Midwestern city on an official visit and Police Captain William Boone has been prevented by the Companions from implementing all the security arrangements he requested. The alien leader arrives in a Taelon shuttle from Washington, chauffeured by Marine pilot Captain Lili Marquette. Da'an has a special announcement to make about a new venture with one of the Earth's biggest industrialists, the eccentric billionaire Jonathan Doors. The Taelon front man, FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval, discounts Boone's apprehensions about controlling the huge crowd and securing neighbouring buildings so when Da'an arrives, Boone enlists the help of Lieutenant Bob Morovsky. Despite their precautions, a shot is fired from a nearby building. Doors takes the bullet meant for Da'an. Sandoval uses his Scrill (a weapon), to dissolve the building wall, revealing a lone gunman, Eddie Jordan.