Lieutenant Jack Malley was a Human who was selected to be a member of the Companion Protectors following the Taelons arrival on Earth. He was known as a dedicated and high profile agent for the Taelons who held a close friendship with his cohort Protectors. Malley was responsible for creating a ritual amongst Protectors with CVIs where they drank Taelon tequila in order to reaffirm their loyalty to the Companions. This was deemed to be acceptable as their implants prevented them from getting drunk. At some point, Lieutenant Malley was selected to be the Protector for General T'than.

During a bombing attempt at the Taelon embassy in North America, Lieutenant Malley was dispatched with T'than to the facility where they discovered that their Taelon shuttle had a bomb on it. The weapon exploded and seemingly killed Malley. However, a fact not known to anyone, was that the explosion had a unique affect on the Lieutenant's CVI by altering its relay frequency to the point that it was receptive to the Taelon mothership. Believing that Malley was one of her charges, the mothership saved him and used Core energy to heal his wounds. Afterwards, Malley fully bonded with the mothership to the point that he had near complete control over her systems. Becoming "her" Protector, he waged a silent shadow conflict on the mothership where he disrupted ship systems in order to rid the Taelon Synod of corrupt leaders such as Zo'or. (Episode: Phantom Companion)

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