Son of Billionaire Liberation Founder Jonathan Doors. His father focused most of his life on building a business empire, neglecting his family. Despite his absence, Jonathon’s presence instilled in his son a sense of right and wrong, which led him to become a prominent District Attorney.

After successfully trying the first capital case against a Taelon he gained much prominence in the world’s eyes, and was chosen as the Presidents first Secretary of Human/Taelon Relations. While he abhors being cast into the same lot as his father, he doesn’t let that stop him from finding out exactly what the Taelons are doing on Earth.

His mistrust of the Taelons has grown greatly in the last year. With his success in preventing a plot by Zo'or to obtain genetic samples from every American citizen, the budget for his department was increased and he was able to hire an investigator, Liam Kincaid to work for him.

Romantically, he pursues Captain Lili Marquette, who he finds difficult to read. He’s fairly certain she shares his feelings, but for some reason, she always pushes him away. Being a Doors, he doesn’t let this obstacle stop him from trying though.