Nanobots were microscopic robots created by scientists at Doors International on Earth. They were an example of the company's advancements in nano-robotics and nanotechnology. Renee Palmer provided Zo'or, leader of the Taelon Synod with a sample of nanobots that formed into a Taelon head as a gift as well as an example of Doors International's accomplishments. She later placed some nanobots in her mouth and kissed Liam Kincaid when he was locked him in a police cell at Taelonville. The nanobots transferred from her mouth to his and he used them to reform themselves into a pre-programmed cell door key in order to escape. Palmer used more nanobots to spread themselves out through Taelonville in order to locate an ID Portal. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven)

On Ma'el's Ship, Doors International had made repeated attempts at studying the ancient Taelon vessel but it defied all attempts at scanning. Thus, they used nanobots to break through small cracks in the dead Bioslurry in order to see what was deeper inside. It was these scans by the nanobots that allowed Liam Kincaid to highlight the fact that the ship was defending itself from a Doors International team that attempted to probe the ships secrets. (Episode: Time Bombs)

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