A Sokara cruiser was a type of warship developed by the Jaridian civilization.

They were noted as being planet destroyers. It contained numerous weapons and was noted for its large mass. Despite its fearsome nature, it was noted as being vulnerable by its trailing edge namely its engine port.

When the Taelons made use of their Forge Project, they inadvertently created a temporary wormhole that connected a Jaridian armada to Earth. To capitalize on this, the Jaridians dispatched a single Sokara cruiser through the anomaly with the intention of destroying Earth. Liam Kincaid and Da'an used a Taelon shuttle to delay the cruiser whilst it was in the wormhole anomaly allowing it to close and destroy the warship. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak)

Vorjak commanded a Sokhara-class battleship during the final days of the Jaridian Empire. (Episode: The Point of No Return)

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