The Volunteer Program was a project conducted by the Taelons during their time on Earth.


Volunteers were Humans that were recruited into a special program designed to better teach and train the less fortunate youths. Initially, it was a benign project designed to discipline children who were neglected by human society. Its members were often angry underachievers who felt abandoned by family, mentors and even their friends. They were taught within the program instead that their fellow Volunteers were family and that they were never to betray or abandon their fellows. All traces of their old life were removed and the drill instructors were made into strict parent figures who trained the new recruits in military style training as part of their time in the program. This instilled a deep reverance and appreciation for the Taelons. The Companions made use of Volunteer Liasons and the Taelon Friendship Center as the means of finding new recruits.

Members of the program were distinct militaristic uniforms as part of their attire and given special equipment during their operations. These included implants designed to enhance their sensorary abilities as well as advanced Taelon energy rifles.


The program was created by Da'an in an effort to provide shelter and teaching to human kids who were neglected or abandoned. These angry teenagers who had slipped through the system were provided a means to channel themselves to the betterment of both themselves as well as their people. Thus, they were taken into the Volunteer Program where they were taught discipline

Those recruits that had progressed through the Volunteer Program later gained Neurological implants designed to improve their senses. This was initially done with the consent of the Volunteer and so long as they developed the maturity to master their implants. The project was later taken over by Zo'or who used it as a means of training shock troopers that were loyal to the Taelon cause and soldiers to fight the Jaridians. In order to prevent Da'an from interfering with his plans, Zo'or used Ronald Sandoval to block Da'an's access to the program.

A squad of Volunteers was later dispatched to attack a Liberation cell, eventially capturing one of their members. This teenage girl was taken to Liam Kincaid who sought to remove the propaganda that was taught to her. Whilst the resistance infiltrated the program where they learnt that the Taelons had been sending the Volunteers through the Portal Terminals to a distant galaxy to fight the Jaridians. (Episode: Volunteers)

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